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About Vizirider

Riding my bike is one of my great passions but having been knocked off twice shook me up. Fortunately my injuries were minor and I was able to ask the drivers what had caused the collisions. Both times the drivers said they simply had not seen me.
After the incidents, I explored various safety options to make myself much more visible as a split second can make all the difference. With limited choices available, I decided to develop my own LED jacket for improved visibility and awareness for other road users.
Many cyclists do not wear enough visible clothing and have inadequate bicycle lights. Serious injuries are on the increase and fatal accidents happen regularly. The Vizirider jacket is designed to mimic the torso of a person, with the positioning of LEDs on front and back. This can help other road users to more easily identify that there is another person on the road and react much faster. Vizirider can be a life-saver. Our mission is to help cyclists avoid accidents and save lives.