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My passion for cycling safety is what sparked the idea for Vizirider. Having been knocked off my bicycle twice, and fortunately escaping with just minor injuries. I was able to ask the drivers what had caused the collisions and both times the drivers said they simply had not seen me.
After the incidents, I explored various safety options to increase my visibility on the road. It was clear that being more visible was the key to avoiding further accidents, with drivers being able to see me sooner, react quicker and take evasive action. Most of the cycling clothing available was similar and only partially reflective. With limited choices available, i explored all the options i could find. I did my research and was able to design and develop my own gilet with LED lights for improved visibility. 
Many cyclists do not wear enough visible clothing and have inadequate mounted bicycle lights. This leads to serious injuries and fatal accidents occurring. Vizirider is designed to mimic the torso of a person, with LEDs on front and back, and side reflective panels to increase visibility at junctions. This can help other road users to more easily identify the rider and react much faster.
Vizirider is a potential life-saver, making you as visible as possible.
Be Seen, Be Safe